My Ever-Expanding Technological World

I still remember the day my dad came home with a brand new Garmin GPS from Costco.

“Why do you need that?” my mom asked in clear disapproval.

I understood her point. Why did my dad need a GPS? He not only knew where everything was, but he knew the quickest way to get there. And if you needed to get to a Wal-Mart on the way to your destination, he could tell you which one was the closest to your intended route. Wasn’t that the point of a GPS?

Nevertheless,  my dad kept his new “toy,” and before long, it had disappeared… into my mom’s car. Eventually, with license in hand, that same GPS was relocated to my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix (Craigslist cars, I’m telling you… it’s where it’s at).

Nowadays, nobody really needs to buy a GPS, because at the touch of their fingertips exists a GPS, compass, flashlight, stopwatch, calculator, and camera, not to mention a device that can keep you up to date on social media, text messages, and phone calls. Smart phones. I was proud of my “dumb phone” for the longest time, despite the fact it broke three separate times during my Freshmen year due to the massive amount of rainstorms here at GWU. After the fourth (and ultimately final) time, my dad said enough was enough… and I was the proud owner of a new, free iPhone 4.

During our “wayfinding” assignment today, I discovered just how much my smart phone could do. Not only did it have a compass, but I could scan QR codes and input GPS coordinates to determine a set location. My technological world is ever-expanding!